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TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

I have not known Megan Shea for long, but it did not take long for her to impress me! 
Megan was asked last minute to ride and present our stallion to the 2021 Stallion Test Committee on the East Coast. No small task to ask of anyone, especially with a stallion. 
Megan only had two weeks to form a relationship with him and help prepare him along with his Trainer. 
Megan is a beautiful, confident and sympathetic rider! 
She not only rode and presented our boy so well, he scored in the top 3 horses! 
We loved Megan so much we are sending more horses to her for training. 
Megan’s philosophies on horse care are logical, caring and always for the welfare of the horses in her care, they align well with our own philosophies.

- Theresa Schnell

Rock Solid Warmbloods LLC

I met Megan in the fall of 2021 when I went to see a sale horse that she was riding. I was immediately impressed by her skill as a rider and trainer. Megan is classical, thoughtful and very talented. I have been laid up whilst recovering from surgery so I decided that my seven year old horse would be in excellent hands with Megan. I sent him to her for training and she has done a spectacular job. I could not be more impressed. He has progressed beautifully and is so happy to work in her system. She cares deeply about the well-being of the horses that she rides and is on top of every detail regarding care. Megan is also a wonderful communicator and always keeps me updated on my horse’s training, care and progress. I could not speak more highly of her and believe that she has all the necessary qualities to become a top trainer.

- Diana Mukpo

Windhorse Dressage

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